Who We Are

Through our expertise and global relationships, we are known to and consulted by family advisors in over 40 countries.

Who We Are

Cone Marshall is a multi-faceted firm providing legal advice and fiduciary, administrative and accounting services for the structuring, protection, planning and succession of wealth.

Formed in New Zealand in 1998, Cone Marshall has expanded into a global group, which now administers more than 1300 trusts and related entities across multiple jurisdictions with offices in the US (New York, Wyoming and Miami), Hong Kong, Montevideo, Geneva, London and Milan. The group manages and advises on client structures which collectively hold more than US$20billion in assets.

Cone Marshall works closely with an experienced network of professional advisors as well as banks, trustees and other institutions. We have special skills in resolving conflicts of law across multiple legal systems, by the coordination of the right advisors in each country.

Cone Marshall does not have a tied relationship with any legal or financial service providers.

Cone Marshall’s approach is discreet, friendly, and culturally sensitive, and aims to support each client’s unique needs and goals. Cone Marshall’s ethos is to cultivate responsive, lasting relationships, and to that end, our principals’ programme involves regular face-to-face meetings with our family of clients and their advisors.

Cone Marshall also believes that proven advice involves an understanding of a client’s – usually a family’s – background, philosophy and culture. Dealing with a problem requires not only legal expertise, but a knowledge of and sensitivity to a client’s long-term interests and aspirations.

Cone Marshall Limited (New Zealand)

Cone Marshall Limited is a private client law firm based in Auckland, New Zealand that specialises in wealth and asset management, tax planning and fiduciary services. The firm is part of the wider Cone Marshall Group.

We are a boutique law firm with an ever-expanding global reach. We provide well-recognised and comprehensive advice and services to our clients, as well as to leading professionals in the industry.

Cone Marshall specialises in advising on how to securely and efficiently structure wealth and plan for its succession to future generations. We provide the services to best give effect to that advice and meet the client’s needs, whether they be a domestic or international individual, family or business.

We have special skills in resolving conflicts of law across multiple legal systems, by the coordination of the right advisors.

Through coordination with the wider Group, the firm is able to provide around the clock support to our clients, which is both professional and friendly. Our global reach allows us to meet our clients’ needs and goals in a number of languages and to be able support their unique needs and goals.