CM Services UY

Montevideo, Uruguay

Because of its transparent set of rules, its political stability and its clear division of government powers, Uruguay is a very credible country in the Latin American region.

Uruguayan companies are well established holding entities. CM Services offers the set up and administration of companies such as Sociedad Anónima Uruguaya (SAU), Sociedad Anónima Simple (SAS), and Sociedad Trader. All of which are authorized to act in the Uruguayan Free Zones (Sociedad de Zona Franca). CM Services can also open and administer bank accounts to be held by such companies.

CM Services also provides trustee services.

Uruguay has trust legislation which can be used for different purposes without restrictions on the type of assets held in trust. Under Uruguayan law, the assets and rights that compose the trust fund are separated from the assets and rights of the trustee, settlor and beneficiary. Therefore, a trust can be used for the administration of the wealth of a person, for estate planning, and distribution of assets among family members and asset protection. Some of our clients´ legal advisors recommend trusts managed in Uruguay to be governed by the laws of a more proven trust jurisdiction, such as New Zealand, Wyoming or the UK.

A trust managed from Uruguay, which is set up by a non-resident and does not own Uruguay assets, will not attract taxes in Uruguay.