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Auckland, New Zealand

LLB, DP L (Hons), TEP, CTA

Geoffrey Cone is a leading international trust and tax planning attorney, and the founder and Senior Principal of Cone Marshall Limited. Cone is a respected authority in his industry, and as such, has shared his vast knowledge and expertise in publications such as Trusts & Trustees, Rothschild Trust Review, New Zealand Law Journal, among many others.

Additionally, he has been a contributing author to the World Trusts Survey and International Trust Disputes (both Oxford University Press), Law of Offshore Jurisdictions, International Trusts Guide, and Trident Guide to International Trusts. Cone began practicing commercial litigation as well as tax and trust advisory work in 1980.As Partner and Chairman of Partners at a leading Christchurch law firm, his tenure was marked by cases at all levels of the New Zealand courts as leading counsel and the Privy Council in London.

Later, Cone took his comprehensive litigation and advisory experience and further applied it by serving as a litigator in the British West Indies for two years. In 1998, he returned to New Zealand to establish his own firm, Cone and Co., which would later be transformed to Cone Marshall Limited in 2007. Cone’s long and illustrious career has made him a foremost international trust and tax planning figure, which is why some of the world’s wealthiest families, most prominent banks, and respected lawyers and advisors entrusted his firm their work and assets.

Fundador e Diretor Sênior, Cone Marshall Limited

Geoffrey Cone é um advogado importante na área de trusts e gestão patrimonial internacional. Fundador e Diretor Sênior da Cone Marshall Limited, na Nova Zelândia, Geoffrey é uma autoridade respeitada no mercado. Ele tem compartilhado seu conhecimento e experiência em publicações internacionais como a Revista Trusts & Trustees, Rothschild Trust Review, New Zealand Law Journal, entre muitas outras.

Além disso, Geoffrey tem contribuído para a Pesquisa Mundial sobre Trusts e Disputas Internacionais sobre Trusts (ambas pela Oxford University Press), Law of Offshore Jurisdictions, International Trusts Guide, e Trident Guide to International Trusts.

Geoffrey começou sua carreira na área contenciosa commercial e na consultoria tributária e de trusts em 1980. Como sócio e sócio-diretor de um reconhecido escritório de advocacia neozelandês, capitaneou casos em todos os níveis da Justiça Neozelandesa, bem como, no Conselho Privado do Reino Unido, em Londres. Posteriormente, ele aplicou seu conhecimento e experiência em consultoria e contencioso, trabalhando por dois anos como advogado nos territórios britânicos no Caribe. Em 1998, retornou à Nova Zelândia para começar seu próprio escritório, Cone and Co., o qual se transformou em Cone Marshall Limited em 2007.

A trajetória de Geoffrey Cone o tornou um dos profissionais mais respeitados do mercado de trusts e gestão patrimonial internacional e, por esse motivo, algumas das mais bem sucedidas família do mundo, bem como as grandes instituições financeiras e escritórios de advocacia e consultoria, confiam a ele seu trabalho e seu patrimônio.

Presidente y tesorero del directorio

Geoffrey Cone es un destacado abogado en materia de trusts internacionales y planificación impositiva, y es el fundador y director principal de Cone Marshall Limited. El Sr. Cone es una respetada autoridad dentro de su industria, y como tal, ha compartido su vasto conocimiento y expertisse en publicaciones tales como “Trusts & Trustees”, “Rothschild Trust Review”, y “New Zealand Law Journal” entre otras. Asimismo, ha contribuido con “the World Trusts Survey” e “International Trust Disputes” (ambas pertenecientes a la prensa de la Universidad de Oxford), “Law of Offshore Jurisdiction”, “International Trusts Guide” y “Trident Guide to International Trusts”. El sr. Cone comenzó su carrera como litigante en materia comercial y como asesor impositivo y en materia de trusts en la década de 1980. Como socio y presidente de socios de una destacada firma de Christchurch, su experiencia fue marcada por casos en todos los niveles en los juzgados neozelandeses como un destacado asesor y en el Consejo Privado de Londres. Luego, el Sr. Cone tomó su vasta experiencia como litigante y asesor y la aplicó sirviendo como litigante en las Indias Occidentales Británicas por dos años. En 1998 regresó a Nueva Zelanda para constituir su propia firma: Cone and Co., la cual luego sería reconvertida en “Cone Marshall Limited” en el año 2007. La larga e ilustrativa carrera del Sr. Cone lo ha convertido en una figura principal en planificación impositiva y trusts internacionales, motivo por el cual algunas de las familias más acaudaladas del mundo, principales bancos y respetados abogados y asesores le han encargado a su firma sus trabajos y activos.


Claudia completed her conjoint degrees BCom/LLB at the University of Auckland. Prior to entering practice in a leading New Zealand law firm in 2004, she worked in the Auckland office of Ernst & Young, focusing on tax. She has also worked in the Island of Guernsey, the Channel Islands, for almost 6 years for two leading offshore law firms and was at the time enrolled and admitted to practice as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.

Claudia specialises in all aspects of trust, private client, and international wealth planning. Claudia has advised a wide range of clients, both residents and non-residents, on local and foreign trusts, tax residency, asset protection, FATCA, Common Reporting Standards, international tax, and trust law issues. Claudia is recognised as a specialist and has been appointed for a second term to 2 Auckland District Law Society committees, namely, The AML/CFT Law Committee and the Trust Law Committee. She advises clients in respect to asset protection, establishment, administration, restructuring and winding up/termination of clients’ personal, investment and business structures including trusts, companies, and limited partnerships. She also advises clients in respect to their compliance, regulatory and anti-money laundering obligations.

She has advised many of the leading international trust companies, high net worth individuals, private companies, family businesses, multi-national banks, and globally renowned financial services organisations. Claudia is a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. She has published a number of articles in Private Client Practitioner, Tax Planning International and Trust & Trustees. Claudia also contributes to the New Zealand chapter of The Private Wealth & Private Client Law Review for the International Comparatives Legal Guide (ICLG).


Claire Cooke was born, raised and educated in South Africa and is fluent in both English and Afrikaans. She completed her BA at Rhodes University and her LLB at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and converted her qualifications when she emigrated to New Zealand. Claire holds a practicing certificate issued by the New Zealand Law Society and is a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

Claire joined Cone Marshall in 2009 and has been mentored by both Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone in the area of international trust and tax planning. During her time at the firm, Claire has developed into a competent and skilled advisor who builds a rapport with clients and pays careful attention to their particular circumstances and needs.

Claire is a director of trust companies in the role of trustee. She has a wealth of experience in the trust and tax planning area, particularly with regards to the settlement and management of trusts, companies and limited partnerships in New Zealand and abroad and the migration of companies to and from New Zealand. Claire particularly relishes the challenges associated with the restructuring of existing structures which span over several jurisdictions.