Ciemme Trustees

Milan, Italy

Ciemme Trustees Srl offers legal and tax analysis and advice to individuals and families. We are expert in facilitating the security, planning, preservation, and transmission of wealth and property, with a particular skill in understanding and resolving conflicts of law across multiple different legal systems.

Our team works closely with an experienced global network of professional advisors as well as banks, trustees, and other institutions. Through careful and judicious expertise, Ciemme Trustees is able to assist you in carrying out the necessary relocation and structuring measures that will facilitate the management and protection of your wealth, as well as its transmission to successive generations.

Our approach is discreet, friendly, and culturally sensitive, and aims to support each client’s unique needs and goals. Our ethos is to cultivate responsive, lasting relationships, and to that end, our principals’ programme involves regular meetings with our family of clients and their advisors.

We firmly believe that meaningful advice involves an understanding of a client’s – usually a family’s – background, philosophy and culture. Dealing with a problem requires not only legal expertise but also a knowledge of, and sensitivity to, a client’s long-term interests and aspirations.