Junior Accountant – 1-2 years’ experience

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Junior Accountant

Auckland, NZ
Full Time permanent


Primary Functions:

  • The purpose of the position is to contribute to planning, development and streamlining of the financial accounting process to ensure the accurate and timely preparation of financial statements for clients.
  • Junior accountant works within the Accounts team, and it is expected the position holder will provide overload support when own work capacity allows and will be supported by other members of the team in overload situations.



Key responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Manages the financial reporting process;
  • Prepares annual financial statements for clients;
  • Prepares tax returns when required;
  • Where audits are required, assists in the audit process;
  • Liaises with clients in relation to the financial reporting process;
  • Complies with regulatory filing requirements;
  • Assists with identifying, designing and implementation of process improvements
  • Updates job knowledge by keeping current with financial regulations and accepted practices.


The management of the financial reporting process will entail the upkeep of the database to ensure that the firm has accurate information on the entities we need to prepare financial statements for and for which year they are still outstanding.

The preparation of financial statements includes the inputting of data from the entities bank statements. These normally comprise of investments in equities, bonds etc. This will also include a lot of communication with clients to obtain information and explanations relating to transactions.

Under the old Financial Reporting Act we had quite a few companies that required audits. This has now changed but some clients may still request audits to be carried out. We need to liaise between the client and the auditor.


Attributes and expectations:

Comfortable dealing with numbers and processing of financial information;

  • Displays high degree of attention to detail and trustworthiness;
  • Maintains discretion and confidentiality at all times;
  • Works well within team environment;
  • Can be flexible with regard to work demands and hours;
  • Is proactive and organised;
  • Presents a corporate image;
  • Is able to prioritise workloads;
  • Displays systematic thinking
  • Displays technical knowledge of accounting principles


We are looking for a confident, friendly, and personable individual who is able to remain calm under pressure. Beyond technical skills you will be able to work well within the team and independently.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email us at careersnz@conemarshall.com.

Please note that we will review all applications within a reasonable time frame, but only successful candidates will be contacted.